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Cellbeam owns a 25% share of the Fabsec and Fire Beam product range business and have recently completed the fitting out of a new automated facility dedicated to the production of fabricated sections. This state of the art manufacturing plant at Wetherby increases the available capacity to around 20,000 Tonne/Year.

This acquisition includes a manufacturing license for the full range of Fabsec beams based around the unrivalled beam design software that now enable us to supply standard long-span Cellular or Bespoke web cell beams and the Fire Beam range with off-site applied intumescent coatings delivering up to two hours fire resistance.

We are happy to support any enquires you may have including design review to maximize the efficiency of grid layout and provide the most cost effective solution to suit your requirements.

The technical support provided by Cellbeam Limited or Fabsec Limited, is available for all your alternative or comparable design requirements and will ensure the most effective fire engineering solution. So, whether you are in a competitive tender or a secured contract position, Fabsec and Cellbeam can provide that one-stop design and cost option that is necessary to maintain your competitive edge.

The management team at Cellbeam Limited, includes engineers and fabricators with many years of experience within the industry, giving you both quality and assurance of delivery to suit programme requirements.