Made to Measure Beams

Beams can be supplied in any variety of length and depth to suit optimum design. This provides greater flexibility in permitting longer span elements, thus reducing the number of columns and providing more useable floor space.

Plate Girders

Sections up to 2000 deep at 1 tonne per mass can be supplied

Cellular Beams

A full range of straight and cambered cellular beams can be manufactured from plate materials using a technique without central web welds. This eliminates the need for costly web infills and stiffeners.

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Technical Information

Automated welding system

  • Submerged Arc welding reliability
  • Welding time around 1 metre per minute
  • CNC plate profiling
  • Plate thickness range from 6mm to 100mm

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Minimum beam size 3.0m
  • Maximum beam size 23m

Minimum flange: 150mm wide by 6mm thick

Maximum flange: 1250mm wide by 90mm thick

Web 200mm to 2000mm overall size

Web Apertures

Any size, any shape and position.

Beam options

Parallel, asymmetric and tapered.